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 DescriptionPolyester thermal fuse is a fiber made by spinning polyester raw materials through a special production process. It has a much lower melting point than conventional fibers and can bond other fibers excellently.Mainly used for elastic webbing, bonding of Rachel lace edges, bonding sewing threads, chenille fabrics for covering furniture and car seat covers, etc.Thermal fuse can be divided into nylon thermal fuse and polyester thermal fuse according to material:The commonly used specifications of thermal fuse include 40D/10F, 70D/10F, etc. The melting point of polyester thermal fuse has two options: 125℃ and 140℃.
 CharacteristicThe scientific name of polyester is polyester, and the English name is Polyester. Petroleum is extracted from petroleum, the naphtha is processed into masterbatch, and then the masterbatch is processed into slices, and the slices are melted at high temperature. Single-head spinning is called polyester monofilament, and multi-head spinning is called multifilament or polyester yarn. The major varieties of polyester include polyester filament, polyester staple fiber, fully drawn yarn (FDY), textured yarn (DTY) and various differentiated fibers.Polyester can be colored at a high temperature of 130 degrees. After the polyester is burned, it will have black smoke and black melting points.(1) Polyester filament: fiber that is not cut during chemical fiber processing. The filament is divided into monofilament and multifilament.Monofilament: Only one filament, transparent, uniform and thin.Multifilament: several monofilaments combined with synthetic thread.According to its strength, polyester filaments can be made into fabrics with low strength. After twisting with a higher strength, they can form our sewing threads, which are high-strength threads or tetralong threads. Generally, the strength on the market now is 6.3 gram denier, and the special product line we make can reach 7.2 gram denier or even 8 gram denier. The specifications of polyester filament are generally 50D, 100D, 120D, 150D, 210D to 1600D.The light perception of the cross-section of polyester yarn is divided into circular hole triangular light and three-lobe shaped. That is to say, there are three kinds of traditional light, semi-dull and full-dull.Polyester yarn is divided into FDY and DTY according to its drafting method. FDY is also called fully drafted yarn and has no elasticity. DTY forms a very fluffy feeling through deformation, which is what we often call polyester low-stretch yarn.(2) Polyester staple fiber: chemical fiber can be cut into fibers of various lengths in the post-spinning process. Generally, the industry standard staple fiber length is 38mm, and the thread made by twisting the staple fiber is called polyester staple fiber thread, also called SP thread. Because its appearance has a certain hairiness, similar to cotton thread, some people call it cotton thread. In fact, it is 100% polyester. The specifications of polyester staple fiber are generally 6S, 10S, 20S, 30S, 40S, 50S, 60S.




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