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Product Details


 DescriptionOur buttonfuse thread(formally MMS TF thread)has been developed to work perfectly on all buttonfuse mchines, as well as our prevlous models from Mk.8 though to Mk.11 & Mk.18.It is manufactured from the highest quality components & it's elastic core and fusable coveing are perfectly tuned to guarantee button security which is why it is specified by major brands worldwide.
 Performance1. The hot-melt winding thread is wrapped with a material that can be melted by heat. When ordering, there is no need to tie the knot like the traditional method, which improves work efficiency.2. The melting temperature is 80~90°C, and the melting temperature of the hot-melt winding wire is between 80-90°. The winding wire can be effectively melted in this temperature range. Note that, please do not use the hot-melt winding wire Stored in an environment higher than 70 degrees Celsius, such as: in a container with a temperature higher than 70 degrees or long-term transportation at sea in a high-temperature environment, etc.3. Improve work efficiency. Traditional manual knotting is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The efficiency is too low, and the quality of the buttons is uneven, which seriously affects the quality. The winding machine is designed to solve this problem.4. Hot melt winding machine, not all threads can be used on the winding machine, the hot melt line buckle line is specially produced for use with the winding machine. In the same way, the hot-melt winding wire is only used on professional winding machines, and its performance is the best.
AdvantageFine workmanship, solid weight, excellent material selection, wide use, and many colors

Product parameter

 NameHot melt winding wire
Material Polyester yarn + spandex
 Colour50 colors
 Applicable sceneMachine buckle




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