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  • RFID tag signal transmission wire
  • RFID tag signal transmission wire
  • RFID tag signal transmission wire

RFID tag signal transmission wire



Product description


 DescriptionIt is made of flexible stainless steel wire, suitable for RFID electronic tags, washing tags and other electronic signal transmission tags.Use: It can be easily read by a fixed or portable RFID reader, with a reading distance of up to 3 meters.
 FeatureSY061 Flexible laundry UHF tag RFID standard ISO/IEC 18000-6 TypeC (EPC Gen2)Size and weight 67x30mm 1.5gChip Impinj 4QTEPC memory 96-bit user memory 512-bit reading range 902-928MHz 2.0-3.0m 865-868 MHz 2.0-3.0 m mark sewing, insertion, pressing The expected life of the machine is 200 washesCycle or 3 years, whichever comes first, the extraction pressure of laundry and dry-cleaning water is 60 bar, waterproof, waterproof, chemical resistant, softener, bleach (oxygen/chlorine), alkali heat sterilization at 125oC for 15-20 minutes-150 cycles Heat-resistant drying 85°C (maximum 60 minutes) 120°C (maximum 30 minutes) ironing 200°C (press for up to 10 seconds) Humidity/temperature -20 to 50°C, relative humidity 10 to 95% Storage -40 to 55°C, relative humidity 8 to 95%, it is small in size and easy to operate.
 ProspectsThe manufacturing and service industries rely on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to create integrated intelligent production line management. Through RFID technology, it accurately feedbacks the link information of each item, establishes an intelligent and digital real-time management system, and makes production more optimized and more reasonable. Utilize resources to improve production capacity, asset utilization and high-quality control, so that production can create greater benefits.
 Instructions for useRFID technology production line management is the application of RFID automatic identification technology in the production line, product transfer area and temporary storage warehouse.Use RFID electronic tags that can be read and written repeatedly. Each RFID electronic tag has a unique ID number and readable and writable data.1. Station management, generally used in piece-counting production occasions, employees use their ID cards to swipe their cards to start work, read the RFID electronic tags on the products to record the information of the processed products, the main function is to record employee attendance and work quantity information; record product information, Provide dynamic progress information, and discover production line capacity bottlenecks through data analysis, and provide a basis for flexible production;2. Automated production line management. In automated production line applications, install RFID electronic tags on products or carriers, and use production line RFID readers to read product information in order to provide processing attributes for automated processing;3. The production line track supermarket management, the RFID reader is installed in the feeding area of the production line to read the information of the bin or workpiece, which provides a basis for rapid replenishment and improves production efficiency;4. RFID management of fluent rack, install RFID electronic tag reader and small display screen in each fluent rack, and record automatically;Load batch and quantity, and provide timely feeding forecast information. When feeding, the light can prompt the feeding port and display the batch material name and other information.
 Applicable sceneSuitable for tracking sheets, uniforms and other clothing in various fields, such as textiles, retail stores, hospital linen and inventory management, hotel management, bedding management, clothing inventory management, restaurants, dry cleaning shops, retail stores, etc.






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