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Waterproof thread



Product Details


 FeaturesHigh strength (the waterproof thread is made of polyester-cotton staple fiber thread, which is a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton);Wear resistance (using high-performance polyester filament and cotton, spun by a special cotton spinning process);Heat resistance (expandable waterproof thread has the advantages of polyester and cotton);Good shrinkage rate (expands when exposed to water, blocking pinholes to achieve the purpose of waterproofing)
 Selling pointWater swelling, wear-resisting and break-proof, ultra-high strength, blocking needle holes, customized cotton ratio
 AdvantageThe characteristics of the expansion waterproof line are different from the general waterproof line products. Spinning wheel Youyou brand expanded waterproof thread is sewn on leather or fabric. Normally, it is no different from ordinary thread. Once it is soaked in water, the sewing thread will expand and expand the thread diameter, thereby blocking the stitches caused by the needle hole. The gaps between the fabrics achieve the effect of waterproof leakage.
 Expansion waterproofExpansion waterproof thread is made of 100% cotton thread orThe cotton-wrapped polyester core-spun thread is processed by a special process
Applicable sceneUmbrella rain gear, living tent, disaster relief tent, etc.

Product parameter

 Product nameExpansion waterproof line
 OriginGuangdong Dongguan
 MaterialPure cotton or pure cotton + polyester
 Specification202 203 402 403 etc.
 Colour1003, 401, 185, V9043, etc. can be customized




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