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Composite carbon fiber yarn



Product description


 DescriptionGraphene is a two-dimensional materialconsisting of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb structure. Its properties include high strength and good conductivity of heat and electricity. The stacked form of graphene is graphite.Graphene conductive fibers are chemical fibers spun from graphite carbon black mixed with conductive media in polymers.The performance of graphene conductive fibers in eliminating and preventing static electricity is much higher than that of antistatic fibers, and the resistance value is stable, lasting and basically not affected by humidity.
Characteristic of Graphene fibersUltra-strong far infrared deep skin care 
 Anti-ultraviolet radiation, tbeauty and skin care
 Microcirculation, Improve Metabolism
Antibacterial and bacteriostatic, self-cleaning and skin-nourishing
 Energy application of Alkene
 FeaturesRadiation protection、Dust proof、Conductive、Heat conduction


The following is the washing standard for graphene composite conductive yarn woven into garments:


Before testing the Electric charge of the anti-static wool knitted clothing, it should be washed in accordance with the prescribed method. The washing time is 6.5 hours, which is the same as the washing method in GB12014-2009 "Anti-static clothing" standard. The neutral detergent is used to wash continuously at low grade and the water temperature is room temperature.The Electric charge of the anti-electric wool knitted clothes was tested after washing, and the result was not more than 0.60 mC/piece. The test method adopted the national standard GB 12014-2009 "Anti-static clothing" to test the Electric charge of clothing. The environmental temperature and relative humidity of the test were (20±5)°C and (30+5)%. The wool knitted clothes were tested in a drum friction machine after 15 minutes of friction. The inner diameter of the drum friction machine was (65 + 5) cm, the depth of the drum was (45 + 5) cm, and the inner material of the drum was polymer. 

Physical Properties of Conductive Fibers-Filaments


 ItemTypeColorStrengthCN/dtexDensity(D)Electrical resistance
28T-2HVIE PolyesterBlack2.2125103 Ω/cm
22T-6-B31 PolyesterBlack2.6-3.520103 Ω/cm
 C27T / T4FPolyesterBlack3.624103 Ω/cm
 22T-3-931NylonBlack2.6-3.520103 Ω/cm
 22T-3-9R1NylonBlack2.220103 Ω/cm
33T-4-0155 NylonBlack1.830103 Ω/cm


Advantages of Graphene composite fibers compared with other conductive fibers


 MaterialContrast strengths/weaknesses
 Graphene composite fibersMetal-free, washablet
 Stainless steel metal fibersMetal ( can't pass needle detectors)
 Silver plated fiberOxidize


Mixed addition of Graphene in yarn 

Graphene conductive composite fibers are usually mixed with filaments and staple fibers, which are suitable for use.The procedure is as follows:

  Materialt Mixed Addition Technology
  Filament100% filament 
 Parallel conventional addition to yarn
 Routine and yarn plying
    Staple fiber    Premix with other fibers
Mixing during combing 
 Mixing during drafting
 Filament added after drafting
Non-wovenMixing in short fibre state 
 Additive contents0.5-3% (Organic Conductive Fiber Weight/Total Fiber Weight)


Charge Measurement and Washing Conditions


 Washing wayWeak wash
 Washing water temperatureNormal temperature
 Water capacityMore than 30L
 Detergent concentration1g/L
 Proportion1:30 (fabric: water)


Conductive filament 

Specification of Graphene conductive composite fibers

 Item Conductive yarnbase materialSurface resistivityΩ /cm2Distance resistivityΩ /cmBreaking strengthCN/dtexBreaking Elongation%
30d/1fConcentric circlesPolyester103-104106-1072.8-3.550-70
30d/2fConcentric circles Polyester103-104106-1072.8-3.550-70
30d/3fConcentric circles Polyester103-104106-1072.8-3.550-70
30d/3ftriple lobe typePolyester/Nylon103-104106-1072.8-3.550-70
30d/4fConcentric circlesPolyester103-104106-1072.8-3.550-70
40d/6fConcentric circlesPolyester103-104106-1072.8-3.550-70






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