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Cocou is the advocacy brand of functional yarn, R & D and production of functional yarn based textile brand, reflective yarn is the safety material for attention caused by the reflected light of dark textiles. 
Luminous yarn is our innovation and invention, which can self glows in the dark, and is applied in clothing, shoes and hats, toys, home textile products and embroidery. It is a safe and fashionable material. 
At present, Cocou is still producing and developing aramid wrapped steel wire, UHMWPE wrapped steel wire yarn, and in-depth development of anti cutting and metal heating yarn, RFID signal thread, copper foil wire and other intelligent yarns. 
We love environmental protection and withdraw from environment-friendly recycled yarn. Our original intention remains unchanged, and we still guarantee the production quality of hot-melt, water-soluble yarn, core spun sewing thread and cotton sewing thread. We also continue to develop new varieties like hot-melt wound thread(botton fuse thread). 
Because innovation is our mission, we should bear in mind that As long as the spinning wheel continues to rotate, we can continue to innovate!



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